The 10 Thieves of Your Energy by Dalai Lama


1- Let go of people who just come to share complaints, problems, disastrous stories, fear and judgment of others. If someone searches for a bucket to throw your trash, try to not be on your mind.

2- Pay your bills on time. At the same time charge to whom owe you or choose to just let it go, if it is impossible to charger them.

3- Keep your promises. If you haven’t keeping up your promises, ask yourself why you have resistance. You always have the right to change your mind, to apologize, to compensate, to re-negotiate and offer an alternative to a broken promise; but not as usual behavior. The easiest way to avoid failure to do something you do not want to do, that is said NOT from the beginning.

4- Eliminate when possible and delegate tasks that you do not prefer to do and spend your time doing what you love to do.

5- Give yourself permission to rest if you are in a moment that you need it and give yourself permission to act if  time is appropriate.

6- Throw away, collected and organized, nothing will take more energy than a messy place and full of things from the past that you do not need no more.

7- Give priority to your health, without the machinery of your body working at its peak, you can not do much. Take some breaks.

8- Confront the toxic situations that you are tolerating, from rescuing a friend or family member, to tolerate negative actions of a couple or a group; take the necessary action.

9. Accept. Is NOT resignation, but nothing makes you lose more energy than to stand and fight against a situation you can’t change.

10- Forgive, let go of a situation that is causing you pain, you can always choose to leave the pain of memory.

Which of these 10 points you consider to be the greatest thief of your energy?

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